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Vex 7

Vex 7 is here, and it has new traps, tools, and dangerous adventures. As usual for the Vex games, you have to find your way through a maze of tricks and traps to reach the end.

How to play

Like in all the other Vex platformers, you will be cut, splattered, and cut off over and over again by different machines. This is a normal feeling for people who are just starting out with the Vex games, but eventually, you'll figure out how to master the controls, timing, and technique you need to be a Vex master.

On each level, you can get a reward if you meet certain requirements. Some of these conditions are to not die once, get a certain number of gold coins and do other tasks. You can get different achievements, which you can find in the trophies section.

You can go to the tower at any time. It's a bonus stage that always gives you tower coins and changes every time you go there. Your trophy case has special achievements for tower milestones.

You can buy cool new skins for your Vex character with your valuable Vex coins and bonus stars. In the skins shop, you can unlock a variety of great costumes with different rarities.

Have fun and good luck!