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Top Speed Racing 3D
Top Speed Racing 3D

Top Speed Racing 3D

Top Speed Racing 3D is a car game where you can drive anywhere and compete in different driving challenges to win money.

How to play

Get ready for the hardest and most extreme racing experience you've ever had in Top Speed Racing 3D. You will be put to the test by every hard level and impossible obstacle. You'll be able to do incredible tricks like a pro. Try to go to as many events as you can if you want to make money. But that's not all. You'll also have a great time adding stylish accessories to your ride to make it your own. This game lets you choose your vehicle, make changes to it, drive it, and even do stunts.

  • W/Up arrow - Accelerate
  • S/Down arrow - Brake
  • A/Left arrow - Turn left
  • D/Right arrow - Turn right
  • Space - eBrake
  • Shift - Nitro

Have fun and good luck!