Stumble Guys

Tallman Run

In Tallman Run, you run on a platform built above the clouds and get bigger to beat a big boss. Pick up the boosters to grow taller and wider, reach the finish line, run through the final course, and touch every diamond you can. Let's find out more about this strange species!

How to play

This race is not about how fast you are, but how tall you are. In this world, this is how you get better. You have to walk through the green portals, avoid bombs and traps, and pick up the size boosters to make your body bigger. Use trampolines to jump over enemies and red portals, sneak past barriers, and get to the score multiplier without losing all your muscles and height. Once you get there, you will be judged, and with each step, you will lose weight and height. Even if you don't make it to the boss, you still pass the level. If you do, you kill him with a deadly blow to the face and land on a sweet treasure of diamonds. You can also add to that last treasure and get five times as many diamonds by watching a short ad.

Have fun and good luck!