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Pet Connect

The puzzle game Pet Connect has pictures of cute animals. Mix and match the cats, dogs, pandas, seals, and other cute animals. Your goal is to clear all of the tiles from the table before the time in the bar at the top of the screen runs out.

How to play

In this connect game, you have to put together the tiles that go together. Tiles can only be connected if you are able to draw a line between them. This line can only make two right-angle turns, and it can't go through any other tiles.

In each new level, something will change: The tiles might slide across the board whenever you create a gap, and the tile set will be expanded with new pictures. You can see how much time you have left to finish each puzzle at the top of each level. When you put together a group of tiles, time is added to the bar.

If you get stuck, you can tap on HINT (or press H) for help. Then, a blue border will light up around two tiles that can be put together. If no more moves are possible within the current layout, the remaining tiles will be reshuffled automatically, allowing you to continue playing.

Have fun and good luck!