Stumble Guys 2

In Paper IO 2, your job is to control a square of any color you want. Use this block to move around the map and get as much space as you can.

How to play

You can move around and cover the map with your color by using the mouse. You can claim an area by gliding over white space and other players' paint and then making a path back to your own color.

When you move outside of your color, enemies can attack your tail. This means that other players can run into it and kill you.

In 2, you'll always be fighting with other players to get back your territory and take theirs.

Tips and Tricks

Don't try to get too much. The longer your tail is out there in the open, the more likely it is that an opponent will kill you.

When a player's tail is out, you should attack them with confidence. Then take over all the white space they used to use.

Be careful when you paint and stay close to your territory until you know it's safe to claim more space.

Move around the edges of the map to avoid getting seen while taking over more and more territory.

Have fun and good luck!