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Jelly Battle

Jelly Battle is a fun casual puzzle game where you have to feed, clean, and take care of a jelly pet. You can also change it to look just the way you want.

How to play

You start with a basic green blob, which is called that. If you want to call it something else, you can change it. When your blob makes a request like to play, eat, sleep, wash, or do something else, make sure to do it. For each request, follow the instructions that come with it.

All of this is done so that the blob grows bigger and stronger, and so that it can beat the computer-controlled blobs of other colors in battle. This means taking care of them so that their health and energy bars are always full. If they don't do this, they won't win.

As you play games and fight and win, you get even more resources to make your blob into something really cool. Start right now, and make sure to come back as often as you can to take care of it and continue your adventures. There is always something new to do!

Have fun and good luck!