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Friday Night Funkin
Friday Night Funkin

Friday Night Funkin


How to play

It's easy to play. You just have to pay close attention to the arrow buttons (each arrow represents a corresponding musical note). To get points, use the WASD keys or the arrow keys on the keyboard to repeat that arrow in the right order. But if you want to win and beat everyone, you need more than just skill. Here are some tips that will make it easy for you to get and keep a beautiful girlfriend.

  • You can play the game with both hands. You can put your left hand on two of the four WASD keys, which correspond to two different musical notes. Place your right hand on the two arrow keys that match the last two notes. Here's a tip to help you make it through the loud music.
  • Even if the player has played a song before, pay attention to it. Try to remember how the notes go in order. This is the best way to make the most complete music with the least amount of work.
  • If you have never played before, start by playing in Tutorial mode. Practice skills that are easy at first, then make them harder and harder until you reach other interesting challenges.
  • Listen to the music and remember the melodies. This will help you figure out what to do next, so you can come up with the best plans.

Have fun and good luck!