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Fall Guys

Fall Guys (Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout) is a battle royale game in which up to 60 players compete against each other in different mini-games and try to become the last remaining player. Control a jellybean-like character and move, run, jump, climb, or dive to win every match.

Fall Guys game has a series of mini-games and takes place on a three-dimensional playing field. Players have to race against each other and try to get to the finish line as fast as possible to be qualified to continue to the next round. There are numerous obstacles on the map. And you must be skillful to avoid them. Try not to fall off the platform and reach the finish line before other players. Otherwise, you will be eliminated. 

Each match features different challenges and the difficulty also increases as you go further. Fall Guys is a fun and free battle royale game for all ages. The game has bright and colorful graphics. 

Get ready to dodge your way to victory in this free multiplayer royale game!

Game Features:

  • Competitive gameplay
  • Escalating chaos
  • Amazing graphics

how to play

Use WASD or Arrow Keys to move, jump, and slide.

Move your mouse to change the view.

Dodge obstacles and race against other players in various mini-games. Try to survive to the last to become the champion.