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Fall Boys and Girls
Fall Boys and Girls

Fall Boys and Girls

Fall Boys and Girls is a variation of the Fall Guys game where players have to control a character and run, jump, overcome obstacles and survive to the last to win. 

How to play Fall Boys and Girls

The game contains different rounds. And in each round, players have to overcome various traps and obstacles to become the fastest ones to reach the finish line. If you are too slow, fall off the platform, or don't meet certain requirements, you will be eliminated. Players who are qualified to progress to the next round will compete with each other until the last player remains. The difficulty will also increase round after round so you have to be prepared for what's ahead. The player who survives until the end will get the crown and become the champion.

Fall Boys and Girls is an exciting game that requires players to have great reflexes and reactions. Players have to perform different actions from running, jumping, and climbing, to sliding, punching, and many more. So it's not gonna be easy to win!

Game controls:

WASD to move.

Space to jump.

Enter to chat.

Esc to show mouse in the game.

Good luck and have fun!