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Count Speed 3D

Count Speed 3D is a car racing game in which you must avoid traps in order to gather as much speed as possible.

how to play

You can use your car to complete a number of brief obstacle courses in this driving game. The goal is to obtain as much speed as possible so that the car can roll as far down the rainbow multiplier lane at the conclusion of each level as feasible. Use the coins you acquire to improve the starting speed and earning capacity of your car.

Aim for the blue gates to increase your speed. Your speed counter will be updated with the number projected upon the gate. However, avoid the red gates. Driving through these gates reduces your speed by the amount shown on the gate.

The road ahead is also strewn with potholes. The traffic cones and stacked tires can be pushed aside, but they will significantly slow you down. If you collide with the red cleaving blades or the spiky blue cylinders, you'll crash and have to restart the level.

Have fun and good luck!