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Body Race

Body Race is a 3D skill game where you can help a girl get through a course full of food and fitness equipment. Try to get her as close as you can to her goal weight so she can get the outfit that's waiting for her at the end of the track. At each level, her goal weight will be different.

How to play

In this food game, the girl's goal weight changes every time she plays. Sometimes she needs to gain weight to fit into the outfit she wants, and sometimes she wants to lose weight instead. Collect the right things along the obstacle course to gain weight or lose weight, depending on the goal shown in the top right corner of the screen.

The girl will lose weight if she eats things like cucumbers, tomatoes, and broccoli. But if she gets too thin and needs to put on a few pounds, run toward the delicious ice cream sundaes, hamburgers, and full-fat milk instead.

If she wants to lose weight, it's a good idea for her to get dumbbells and balance boards. So is running through the gates that say "Go to the Gym" and other things. But if she needs to gain weight to fit into her dream dress, you can skip the healthy vegetables and workout in favor of a well-deserved Netflix binge.

Have fun and good luck!