Stumble Guys

Ball Rush

Ball Rush is an endless runner racing game on a track that requires you to pay very close attention. Move the glowing ball quickly along the neon tracks and try to collect as many gems as you can. Change lanes and avoid the roadblocks to keep going as long as possible through the darkness of space.

How to play

In this hard arcade game, you have to move left and right to avoid the big crystals and other obstacles. If your ball hits one of the obstacles, it will be blown to pieces and leave only a cloud of stardust behind. Get gems and use them to unlock one of 48 different skins. You can also sometimes buy an extra life to keep going after a crash.

You can finish up to 76 missions by hitting certain goals, which will let you get more gems. Unlock 25 roads by getting experience points and getting past obstacles. Check the progress bar in the top left corner of the screen to see how close you are to getting to the next level and opening up a new road. When this bar is full, your rank will go up.

Have fun and good luck!