Stumble Guys

In you have to crash into an unfinished outline of another player to get rid of them. Keep your mind sharp and think a few steps ahead to get to the top of the server.

How to play

General Among Us has told you to take over the YRZ-15 space station. Fight other pretenders for the land. Don't let the Amogus's enemies beat you. Get more land, protect your borders, and take over the whole station area. When an impostor is trying to leave its territory, it is vulnerable and leaves a trail. If you hit the trail, it will die and give up its territory. Keep your trail safe and go after trails that are not yours. Get the crown by taking over the most land in the station.

Move the mouse cursor to control the crew member. To move around, you can also use the Arrow keys or WASD. The patch of one color is a safe place. Let it be so that the area of influence can grow. Finish the line by going back to the base. Don't let anyone stop the clear path before it is finished. If you don't, they'll kill you and you'll lose all your progress.

Have fun and good luck!